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AFRICA: Free trade zone, EAC integration without Human Rights is not a right!

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Museveni paraded our mothers, aunties and sisters naked.  Never forget Kasese massacre

No idea why some people are angry that Buhari did not fly to Kigali to sign the Africa Free Trade Zone (no idea what APO Press Releases are even calling it these days).

Then Museveni did not fly to Kigali to sign and endorse it.  But he sent our Minister of Foreign Affairs.  A great man who used to head the UN and managed to accept a bribe from a Chinese company to hand over a bank in Uganda and give oil deals or some island or land.  I forget how that story went but Oh Yes MAN!  Sam Kutesa (some call him Honourable, but I think their water is poisoned) is or was CEO of ENHaS and implicated in the breaking up of Uganda Airlines.

What are you thinking?  That a Ugandan can thief on the International Scene and UN had no issues with it?  So why would the NRM Thugs via Jarukanga think any different?  Well, it is Kutesa who flew to Kigali to sign or peruse the African Free Trade Zone. One needs a TIF to catch a thief.  Or more like only a thug can nail a thug.  So what is the farce about President Buhari skipping a thieving ocassion?  Likely because Nigerians are smarter than Africans.

You will not believe what else happened in the dark continent.  Some people died.  Some people went hungry.  Some civil servants went with no pay.  Some kids got kidnapped and some got got beat up on live camera.

Some countries even imprisoned opposition, activists, journalists, Social Justice, bloggers, musicians and some politicians lied to their people.  IT IS BUSINESS AS USUAL.

What else happened is some countries decided to kill foreigners or investors or take back their mines.  You say wha??? Read up on Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.

We then saw a University which used to be called The Ivory Tower decide that feeding students is not economical.  However, this university is in a country which goes on live media saying they have gotten jobs for degree holders to go to Arab countries to clean toyi and poopoo.  OR to even to be sex slaves.


Tanzania just expelled all the Uganda teachers. Rwanda had done it a while back.  Tanzania burned one day old chics and auctioned off cows of those meanderers who assume they can move their hundreds or thousands of cattle from border to border.

Rwanda chased out Ugandan teachers.

Kenya was the only sane one in EAC but they also have drunk from Lake Vic which we all now all know is poisoned.  For a fact, anyone surrounding Lake Victoria knows that the air and drinking water is poisoned.  How else would you explain why you are all fighting while claiming that you are building Integration?  But you see, this is what you get for drinking from a toyi.  How do you integrate with born murderers, emperors and life presidents?  How do you integrate when you do not support democracy?  So we will integrate with you while you kill your people (#Kasese #Genocide #Massacre)?  Then be it.. kick out all those Ugandans till their ruthless leader decides that not everyone is comfortable with committing a genocide wherever he passes.

This MP in Kenya is justified to say. AND let us hear it from the SO-CALLED Pan Africanists. There must be no integration with countries ruled by ruthless murderers who have made themselves Kings or Emperors and haves sold their citizens into slavery.

There must be no integration with regimes which loot from their own people and go on live camera and announce securing a contract to export University Graduates to Arab countries to be house maids, house boys, etc.

There must be no integration with such countries. For would you sell your own child into slavery?  Why would you do it and if not, why do you sell other people’s children?  The AFRICA Free Trade Zone must start with eliminating modern slavery.  Ney…stop imprisoning voices of dissent.  OR perhaps, stop burning people alive. Stop invading neighbours and clamouring for aid for refugees. Stop looting. Stop stealing from your own people, the tax payers. Stop stealing every donor aid penny.  How can you integrate when you are handing the continent over to China?  You do not even own the African Union Head Quarters in Addis Ababa.

Yet you claim to have African Solutions for African Problems.  Pray tell us all, how you can integrate when you cannot even raise your voices to speak for the imprisoned or dead.  WHAT DID YOU SAY WHEN MUSEVENI MASSACRED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN KASESE on November 26, 27 in 2017?  Let us hear your voices.  Make them very loud.  What did you say?  That you want to integrate?  May the blood of our loved ones spilled by all of you do the needful.  The gods of Baal must drink.  The gods of Rwenzori are thirsty.  Wait till the gods of Masaba demand to drink.  AMEN.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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