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Sunday, May 27th, 2018


AFRICA – Zangbeto: Voodoo Savior of Benin’s Mangroves (VIDEO)

BENIN, GRAND-POPO (AFP via VOA) BENIN — In a wooden canoe on the waters of the Mono River in southwest Benin, a strange cone-shaped effigy in purple raffia and topped with horns sails back and forth through the mangroves. The Zangbeto — the traditional voodoo guardian of the night — once policed the streets to maintain law and order and scare away its enemies. But the revered deity, which is still feared and rules on village disputes, is now working to protect the rich mangrove ecosystem from threats from humankind.Read More

ETHIOPIA: Landslide kills 23

ADDIS ABABA (AP) — Ethiopia’s state-affiliated broadcaster reports that a landslide triggered by heavy rains has killed 23 people in the country’s Oromia region. Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported that the landslide happened Saturday evening after hours of heavy rains in the area. The report said 16 of the fatalities were women. It said six others were injured and taken to health centers after sustaining heavy bodily injuries. Ethiopia is receiving heavy seasonal rains which sometimes cause severe landslides in some parts of the country. Close to 50 people died inRead More

YEMEN: Strongest cyclone on record dumps 3yrs of rain in 1 day, kills 11

© REUTERS / Stringer SPUTNIK – After finally dissipating on Sunday, the strongest cyclone in recorded history to strike coastal areas of Yemen and Oman on the Arabian Sea has left 11 dead and over 30 missing, while dropping some three years’ of rain in a single day.The most powerful cyclone on record, Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Mekunu blasted coastal and inland regions of Middle Eastern states Yemen and Oman with sustained winds of 112 mph and gusts of up to 124 mph, bringing rainfall amounts of up to elevenRead More

EGYPT: al-Sisi arrests his former campaigner turned critic – VIDEO

A journalist sits beside pictures of fellow journalists who have been arrested and a banner that reads “The press, It is not a crime” during World Press Freedom Day in Cairo [Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters] AL JAZEERA – The arrest of Hazim Abdelazim is the latest in Egypt’s ongoing crackdown on dissenting voices.Egyptian police have arrested a one-time campaigner turned critic for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a police official said on Sunday. The police official did not give a reason for the overnight arrest of Hazim Abdelazim, but a source toldRead More

UGANDA: Was the Makerere University fire outbreak coincidental? – PHOTOS

WAS THE MAKERERE UNIVERSITY FIRE OUTBREAK COINCIDENTAL? CHANGE OF GUARDS – Makerere University’s biggest hall of residence, Mary Stuart Hall has been gutted by fire that started from the canteen on the ground floor. The fire that started at around 2.00a.m attracted rescuers from the neighboring Lumumba Hall. Mary Stuart Hall had no fire extinguishers and those for Lumumba Hall had been locked in the store. After failing to contain the fire using water, the students rushed to St. Augustine and St. Francis Chapels from where they were helped byRead More

COLUMBIA: Ivan Duque and Gustavo Petro go into run off in historic election

Ivan Duque called Sunday’s vote marked a ‘very special day for’ Colombia [Nacho Doce/Reuters] AL JAZEERA – Right-winger Ivan Duque and leftist Gustavo Petro to contest second round of voting on June 17. Colombia’s historic presidential election is heading into a runoff vote, with right-wing candidate Ivan Duque leading the race but failing to secure the majority needed to win outright. With nearly all of the votes counted, Duque – who led opinion polls ahead of Sunday’s election – was first with 39.1 percent. He will now face leftist candidate GustavoRead More

FRANCE: Migrant “spider man” scales wall to save baby – VIDEO

Paris mayor praises Malian ‘hero’ for scaling building to save child PARIS (Reuters) – Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on Sunday praised the heroism of a Malian immigrant who scaled the facade of a four-storey building in the north of capital to save a child hanging from a ledge, saying the city will support his effort to settle in France. The video of Mamoudou Gassama’s quick climbing to reach the child, cheered on by terrified onlookers, went viral on social media, with people calling the 22-year-old a real spider man. GassamaRead More

UGANDA: Kenya’s power imports from Uganda hit Sh1 billion in Q1

A TECHNICIAN FIXES AN ELECTRICITY LINE. FILE PHOTO | NMG BUSINESS DAILY AFRICA – Kenya’s payment to Uganda for electricity imports dropped by Sh550 million in the first three months of the year on increased local generation. Kenya bought 48.69 million kilowatt hours (kWh) from Uganda in quarter one at Sh1.02 billion, down from 75. 09 million kWh worth Sh1.56 billion in a similar period a year earlier. This eased the pain of a higher tariffs pact the two countries inked in 2014 that puts the cross-border purchase of electricity atRead More

USA: State of emergency declared for Maryland due to flash floods – VIDEO

© Kali Harris via @JeremyHarrisTV / Twitter Roads submerged as severe flash flooding hits Maryland (VIDEOS) RT – Residents in the cities of Ellicott and Baltimore scrambled for safety as heavy rainfall brought flash flooding to the area. Videos posted on social media show raging torrents of water deluging neighborhoods.A flash flood emergency was declared in Ellicott City on Sunday. A video posted by locals show the city’s Main Street awash with muddy water. (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) Jeremy Harris@JeremyHarrisTV It’s happening all over again. Main Street in @EllicottCity with devastatingRead More

UGANDA: Mubende death not EBOLA but Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF)

Press statement on rumoured ebola outbreak in Mubende district REPORTfrom Government of Uganda Published on 27 May 2018 —View Original Download PDF (828.88 KB) HON. SARAH OPENDI STATE MINISTER OF HEALTH – GENERAL DUTIES 27th May, 2018 The Ministry of Health has noted with concern reports of an Ebola outbreak in Mubende district making rounds across the different media platforms. We would like to inform the public that there is no Ebola outbreak in Mubende or any other part of the country. What was quoted in the media is ratherRead More