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Friday, May 11th, 2018


UGANDA: @UN has been supporting fraud in Uganda via @UNHCR, Entebbe Un Base @AntonioGuterres

Facts about the Entebbe UN Centre Who has been the beneficiary of UN Entebbe Centre? Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa, who doubles as a First Family relative as well as an associate is the owner of a company called Entebbe Handling Services (ENHAS), a cargo and airport maintenance company, in Uganda. The company once had a 50/50 operating agreement with Uganda Airlines, the country’s only national carrier. Kutesa illegally wrestled control from Uganda Airlines of its lucrative cargo and airport maintenance business and it became the assets of ENHAS; that’s howRead More

US GUNS: 4 troopers hurt, suspect dead in Oklahoma shootout

TALIHINA, Okla. (AP) — Four Oklahoma troopers were struck by gunfire or shrapnel while serving a warrant early Friday at a man’s home that may have been booby-trapped to spark a large fire, authorities said. The blaze consumed several buildings in downtown Talihina, a town of about 1,100 people that’s about 150 miles (240 kilometers) southeast of Oklahoma City. The suspect was shot and has been pronounced dead, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Paul Timmons said. He was not immediately identified, and a body had not been recovered. Timmons said theRead More

TRUMP: Will Europe revolt against America ignore US sanctions on Iran?

© Russell Cheyne / Reuters Open rebellion? Europe signals patience drying up as US re-imposes harmful Iran sanctions RT – Europeans are angry over the latest US-imposed set of sanctions harming EU interests in the wake of Donald Trump quitting the Iran nuclear deal. The EU needs to decide whether to finally stand up for itself, analysts told RT. Aside from imperiling a landmark international accord and endangering regional and global security, the US pull-out from the 2015 agreement with Iran will have crushing economic consequences for Europe. French, GermanRead More

IRAN cleric threatens destruction of Israel; AP explains tensions

Iran cleric threatens destruction of Israeli cities TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A prominent Iranian cleric on Friday threatened two Israeli cities with destruction if the Jewish state “acts foolishly” and attacks its interests again, while thousands of protesters demonstrated against President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal with world powers. The comments by Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami followed a week of escalating tensions that threaten to spill over into a wider conflict between the two bitter enemies, who have long fought each other through proxies in Syria and Lebanon.Read More

LEARNING ENGLISH: Ties with US, North Korea make Singapore a good meeting place – AUDIO

A news vendor counts her money near a stack of newspapers with a photo of U.S. President Donald Trump, right, and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un on its front page on Friday, May 11, 2018, in Singapore. VOA LEARNING ENGLISH – American President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have agreed to meet in Singapore on June 12. Singapore’s position in Asia, and diplomatic ties with the U.S. and North Korea, make it a natural choice for the historic meeting. Trump announced the meeting in a tweetRead More

UGANDA: Gen. Sejusa on how corruption can bring down govt

UGANDA: Gen. Sejusa on how corruption can bring down govt Video from DEM. Copyright WBS. Martha Leah Nangalama

AFRICA: Why are Namibians suing Germany for reparations? – VIDEO

  Why The Herero Of Namibia Are Suing Germany For Reparations NPR – A quarter million Herero are estimated to live in Namibia today, with the population growing in recent years.Harry Hook/Getty Images Mbakumua Hengari grew up in the 1970s on a farm in southern Africa, in what is today the nation of Namibia. The arid soil around his family’s homestead was sandy and grassy, a poor fit for staple crops, so he and seven siblings subsisted on a modest herd of cattle, sheep and goats. Hengari blames systematic racismRead More

LEARNING ENGLISH: Huge chocolate spill creates sticky situation in Poland – AUDIO

Tons of liquid milk chocolate are spilled and block six lanes on a highway after a truck transporting it overturned near Slupca, in western Poland, on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. (AP Photo) VOA LEARNING ENGLISH – Rescue officials in Poland are working quickly to clear one of the country’s highways. The roadway is covered with a sticky brown substance. It is blocking cars from both directions. What is causing the mess? Milk chocolate. The problems began early Wednesday, after a huge vehicle carrying many tons of liquid chocolate overturned. Chocolate spilledRead More

UGANDA: Battle of the opposition in Bugiri vs. NRM candidate

FDC–JEEMA BATTLE IN BUGIRI MUNICIPALITY HAS PUT BESIGYE AND FDC’s CREDIBILITY ON THE LINE Bugiri Municipality is a new electoral area that was created at the end of 2015. In April 2018, the Uganda Electoral Commission released a road map to conduct elections in and among similar areas. Prior to the EC announcement the fight was between two of the NRM’s flag bearer contestants; Okecho John Francis and the former LC V Chairman; veteran Samanya Siraji Lyavala. During the course of this fight the Bugiri Municipality community preferred that theRead More

LEARNING ENGLISH: ‘The Boarded Window’ by Ambrose Bierce – VIDEO

VOA LEARNING ENGLISH – Our story today is called “The Boarded Window.” It was written by Ambrose Bierce. Here is Shep O’Neal with the story. In 1830, only a few miles away from what is now the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio, lay a huge and almost endless forest. The area had a few settlements established by people of the frontier. Many of them had already left the area for settlements further to the west. But among those remaining was a man who had been one of the first peopleRead More