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Saturday, March 24th, 2018


TRUMP: China stops accepting US garbage in retaliation for tariffs

Trump Goes After Beijing in Trade War, China Shuts Door on US Trash Imports SPUTNIK – The new trade war announced by US President Donald Trump is seeing some immediate and effective blowback in the form of a refusal by Beijing to lift its ban on the import of foreign garbage. © AFP 2018/ YASUYOSHI CHIBA China Syndrome: Beijing Readies Response to US Declaration of Trade War China has long been the world’s largest importer of waste and recyclable commodities. Now that Trump has threatened harsh new tarrifs in an escalating tradeRead More

UGANDA: Magufuli kicks Uganda teachers out of Tanzania

 A classroom in Tanzania. Photo: Ugandan teachers expelled out of Tanzania Written by JONATHAN KAMOGA, March 21, 2018. THE OBSERVER Hundreds of Ugandan teachers working in Tanzania have been silently forced back as the host country cracks the whip on foreigners. The expulsions raise questions about Tanzania’s commitment to the East African Community, particularly the Common Market Protocol adopted in 2009. The protocol provides for integrated border management, removal of restrictions on movement of labour and services, and the right of establishment and residence for East Africans. Although many ofRead More

KENYA: Composition of National Assembly

Composition of Kenya National Assembly.PDF null

UGANDA: Stop land grabbing! Life, land, justice in Uganda

Friends of the Earth International Published on 19 Apr 2012 In Kalangala, Uganda, John Muyisa woke up one day to find bulldozers clearing his land to plant oil palms. John and his community have preserved their forests and lands for generations. Now their way of life is at risk. Support John. Join Friends of the Earth International, and take action to stop land grabbing in Uganda This videoclip has been produced by for Friends of the Earth International. Music by Gary Reuben Morris – This video was producedRead More

UGANDA govt to evict hundreds of thousands off land for palm oil

Oil palm project to be extended to other districts Written by ARTHUR MATSIKO AND WINNIE NABAASA, THE OBSERVER Government is in advanced discussions with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to extend the oil palm project beyond Kalangala district. Since the inception of the oil palm project in 2005, Kalangala, which is made of 84 islands, has been enjoying the monopoly of cultivating of oil palm in the country. An oil palm field in Kalangala After about 13 years of implementation of the first phase, IFAD and ministry of Agriculture,Read More

UGANDA’s two most pressing issues in October 2014

Martha Leah Nangalama – Written on October 28, 2014 Dear Hon. YK Museveni, Mulembe naabi papa. This is my second letter to you. I do not know if you received my first letter.  Whether you did or did not, I would like to bring to your attention what I consider as the two most pressing issues for Uganda at the moment. Believe me, there are more issues which I will write about in due time. 1) Land Evictions. I beg you papa to reconsider this issue and analyse it criticallyRead More

ENVIRONMENT: Humans killing earth’s plants, animals

Time running out to save the Earth’s plants and animals DEUTSCHE WELLE – Five new reports unveiled at a UN biodiversity summit in Colombia are sounding the alarm over the rapidly deteriorating state of biodiversity on our planet. But they also provide the tools to fight back. Delegates at a major international summit on biodiversity in Medellín, Colombia have been rattled after being presented with stark new evidence about the state of the world’s biodiversity. The 750 delegates from 115 countries are meeting for the sixth plenary of the IntergovernmentalRead More

UGANDA: Intelligence Services Organisation (ISO) head charged in murder of Finnish Patria SalesRep

ISO boss, 4 others charged over death of Finnish national New Vision, 24th March 2018 Terasvouri was found dead at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero on February 6, a day after he had been arrested by ISO officials led by its head of operations Maj. Joel Aguma. Five people, including a senior intelligence officer with the Internal Security Organization (ISO), Apollo Kyabagye, were on Friday arraigned before Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court and charged with the murder of Thomas Juha Petteri Terasvouri, a Finnish national. Terasvouri was foundRead More

TRUMP: African immigrants detained in Texas abused, treated worse than animals

WEEK OF HELL: DOZENS OF AFRICAN DETAINEES ALLEGE SERIAL ABUSE AND HATE CRIMES AT NOTORIOUS PRIVATE IMMIGRATION JAIL By Ryan Devereaux, José Olivares, Maryam Saleh, THE INTERCEPT LATE LAST MONTH, roughly 80 immigrant men from Somalia, Kenya, and Sudan arrived at a remote, for-profit detention center in West Texas to await deportation. In the week that followed, the men were pepper-sprayed, beaten, threatened, taunted with racial slurs, and subjected to sexual abuse. The treatment they endured amounted to multiple violations of federal law and grave human rights abuses — and it all happenedRead More

FACEBOOK: Think your social media activity won’t hurt you? Think again #DeleteFacebook

FILE PHOTO: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London © Neil Hall / Reuters #DeleteFacebook? Assange never had account with ‘giant intel database controlled by megalomaniac’ RT – Published Mar, 2018 In the fallout from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal, Julian Assange has reminded his followers that it is highly unwise to trust all their personal data to a “megalomaniac” who calls his users “dumb f**ks.” READ MORE: Musk v Facebook: SpaceX chief deletes account Assange recalled an exchange with anRead More