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Saturday, March 10th, 2018


REFUGEES: Refugees in Ugandan’s Oruchinga camp hit 6,900

ISINGIRO (@UG_EDGE) – UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and the Government of Uganda have successfully concluded the first phase of a countrywide biometric verification exercise that was conducted in Oruchinga, in Isingiro District in Uganda’s South-West region on 1 March. During the week-long exercise, UNHCR captured fingerprints, iris scans and photos of 6,972 refugees in Oruchinga refugee settlement. Every refugee family who was verified biometrically has now received a proof of verification form and new ration card. The World Food Programme (WFP) then distributed food to a total of 6,710 refugeesRead More

TILLERSON sanitizes Trump image of Africa – it is not a SHITHOLE

NAIROBI (STANDARD MEDIA) – Donald Trump’s interaction with Africa since he was sworn in as America’s president has been cold and limited. For a country that has wielded the big brother stick, the visit by Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could not have come at a better time for the super power. Tillerson is not new to Africa, and his Nairobi visit poignantly points at a deliberate shift from the chest thumping America First bravado that propelled Trump into office to the possibility of a more logical partnership betweenRead More

UGANDA: Nambooze calls Nankabirwa flower-girl politician

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze on Thursday demeaned and reduced Kyankwanzi Woman MP Hon Anna Maria Nankabirwa to a mere flower girl. Nambooze, Hon. Nankabirwa, Police Public Relations Officer, Polly Namaye and Activist Shiela Kawamara were deliberating on the Affirmative Action and Security of Women on NBS “frontline” programme moderated by Mildred Tuhaise. “This is flower girl politics, the politics you (Hon. Nankabirwa) are doing is that you are a flower girl,” Nambooze lashed out. She said the only purpose Nankabirwa carries is “to seat there in your dress and be seen.Read More

UGANDA: Why it is not too late for Museveni to “neutralize” Col. Bogere

“I can see the legalistic mentality but we are going to neutralize him”. Museveni to Col. Fred Bogere over the latter’s opposition to lifting of presidential term limit – 2005. Col. Fred Bogere is a retired historical Bush War army officer who recently gave insights into Museveni’s so called revolution in an exclusive interview with The Observer.  Museveni who authored a book about his NRA Bush War titled “Sowing the Mustard Seed” has never wanted anybody else to give a divergent account of that war and the aftermath.  Save for Maj. JohnRead More

UGANDA: Museveni tosses Andrew Kayiira’s son at Baganda

Before you read what NTV Uganda said and what the son of the late says, it is crucial that you read this story which I shared yesterday on March 9, 2018.  Incidentally, I did not even know that NTV had run the following story or that UFM was being revived. It is only now that someone just contacted me from Uganda asking if I am in touch with Dr. Henry Gombya (answer is NOPE) and if I am willing to be put in touch with Dr. Andrew Kayiira’s son (NOPE). Read More

UGANDA: NRM thugs use army chopper to airlift sick official

National Resistance Movement (NRM) party on Friday employed the services of a Uganda People Defence Forces [UPDF] helicopter to airlift a sick official. Christopher Mulenga, the Kabale District NRM party treasurer reportedly fell in a bathroom at his home in Ihimbi cell Kabale municipality. He got fractures on the knees and ribs. He was first admitted at Muhunde Clinic in Kabale town. A UPDF chopper was later called and the official rushed to Nakasero Hospital in Kampala. The helicopter was requested by Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and Minister for Planning DavidRead More

UGANDA: FDC preacher Nyanjura advises Museveni

Replacing Kayihura with Ochola, Sabiiti is a no change A huge sigh of relief reverberated across the country when news of General Kale Kayihura’s dethronement first broke. A sense of high expectation is palpable in the air. However we need to exercise cautious optimism because the problem is much bigger than Kale Kayihura. His replacement by Okoth Ochola does not inspire confidence or represent a break with the past. As Deputy IGP, Ochola can be described as a pious character that would never dare contradict his master. He is notRead More

ENERGY: Oil report for March 9, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018 OILPRICE.COM – Oil posted some steep losses mid-week after the EIA reported another crude oil inventory increase. Some fears about U.S. steel tariffs, and follow up tit-for-tat protectionist measures, also weighed on crude sentiment. But news that Trump would allow some exceptions to the tariffs, as well as a strong jobs report and a falling U.S. oil rig count sent oil prices bouncing back up on Friday. Saudi Aramco CEO: Oil industry needs $20 trillion in investment.Over the next 25 years, the oil industry will needRead More