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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


AFRICA: No democracy unless change is allowed

Obasanjo in DW exclusive interview: ‘Democracy is about change’ DEUTSCHE WELLE – President Buhari should not run for another term in office, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo advised in a letter to Nigeria’s head of state in January 2018. In an interview, he told DW why he published the letter. Former Nigerian President Obasanjo on fighting corruption Nigerian former president Olusegun Obasanjo is known for his public letters to sitting presidents. In 2013 he wrote a letter to Goodluck Jonathan condemning the widespread corruption in Nigeria. This was one of the keyRead More

BIODIVERSITÉ: Poissons pélagiques de la Manche migrent vers la mer du Nord

Les poissons pélagiques de la Manche migrent vers la mer du Nord.  Dans sa dernière étude, l’Ifremer a évalué les stocks de poissons dans la zone et tente de mesurer les effets du changement climatique. LE MONDE – Par Laurie Moniez. La campagne européenne d’évaluation des stocks qui vient d’être menée, comme chaque année depuis plus de trente ans, permet de calculer un indice d’abondance des principales espèces de poissons commerciaux exploitées en Manche-mer du Nord. Pour cela, l’équipage du Thalassa a trié, pesé, mesuré 13 325 poissons et rapporté à quai 189 échantillons d’œufs de 77 espècesRead More

UGANDA: Boda bodas killed 7,000 in 3 years

KAMPALA (JOSEPH KATO, DAILY MONITOR) – Records at traffic police data centre show at least 7,000 people lost their lives in boda boda accidents in three years.  Road accident statistics, which Daily Monitor has seen, show that in 2014, boda boda accidents claimed 2,057 lives, 2,386 in 2015 and 2,554 in 2016. In the 2014 death toll, 621 boda-boda riders, 274 passengers and 1,162 pedestrians died in road accidents. The casualty toll went up in 2015 where 731 riders, 344 passengers and 1,311 pedestrians were killed in the carnage. Fatalities TheRead More

MIGRANTS: Duterte orders evacuation of all Filipinos from Kuwait

Kuwait condemns Philippine president’s call to evacuate workers KUWAIT (Reuters) – A top Kuwaiti official condemned on Tuesday a call by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to evacuate his country’s workers from Kuwait, suggesting Duterte could damage ties between the two countries. Duterte said last week that his government would ask private airlines to evacuate Filipino nationals from Kuwait within 72 hours, after the discovery of the dead body of a Filipino migrant worker in a freezer. Two planes full of workers arrived in Manila from Kuwait on Monday on flightsRead More

Serena in hot water over job AD for foreigners only

Serene Suites recruitment drive halted over ‘racist’ advert KAMPALA (URN, THE OBSERVER) – The Equal Opportunities Commission has asked Mutundwe-based Serene Suites to explain the basis of a job advert in which they ring-fenced top managerial jobs for specific racial groups. Equal Opportunities Commission is a statutory body established to eliminate discrimination and inequalities against any individual or group of persons on the ground of sex, age, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion… Serene Suites Yesterday, New Vision carried a job advert by Serene hotel in whichRead More

VIDEO: Kirumira second court appearance, fights cops in court

via IFTTT He was given ridiculous bail conditions. Practically impossible for anyone with a brain to understand. So he stormed out of court and the thugs then arrested him. So he is back at the torture chamber of Nalufenya. But the cops do not understand the regime. What about that NRM chairman or mayor of Kulambiro who used to torture people with the full protection of his yellow hat till Kaweesi fell and then same thug is found full of bullets half dying in Nakasero. Yes, they will come forRead More

Kirumira fights cops in court, taken back to Nalufenya

Former Buyende District Police Commander, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, on Tuesday raised dust in Naguru when he tried to storm out of police court. Kirumira returned to court from Railway Police Station where he has been on remand since last week. He was arrested by the Flying Squad Police Unit (FSU) and charged with scandalous conduct, extortion, corruption, unlawful exercise of authority and discreditable conduct before the police disciplinary court. On Tuesday, Kirumira applied for bail but court said it would only be granted if he presented two senior police officersRead More

Shithole regime built thug Kitata up who now demands VIP treatment like Ssobi

KAMPALA (THE OBSERVER) – Abdallah Kitatta the patron of the infamous Boda Boda 2010 militia has objected to being tried in the Military Court Martial arguing that he is not a soldier. Appearing before the General Court Martial presided over by its chairman Lt Gen. Andrew Guti, Kitatta and ten of his co accused refused to take plea arguing that as civilians they should be tried in a civilian court. The suspects in the Military Court dock The suspects are charged with up to six counts; all related to illegalRead More

UGANDA: Regime sycophant thug Mukwaya orders arrest of Ankore King

Video from Uganda. Copyright NBS. Uganda regime sycophant thug Mukwaya orders arrest of Ankore King. There is an earlier video (Feb 9, 2018) where this Pig is threatening the King and people of Ankore. You can hear her saying she is a Military person and will use the gun to force Ankore to give up their land. She then says “if I were you I would sell the land here and go buy elsewhere”. Like all thugs in Museveni’s dictator regime, this witch does not care that she was beingRead More

Turns out l’état n’est pas Nixon Agasirwe comme il l’avait pensé

Nixon Agasirwe – The State is Me. I am the State! KAMPALA (THE OBSERVER) – The incarcerated senior Police officer, Nixon Agasirwe, who is among the suspects accused of kidnapping Lt Joel Mutabazi, a former bodyguard to Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, has been denied bail. The General Court Martial chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti has today declined to release Agasirwe on bail reasoning that he will interfere with the ongoing investigations on charges against him. “The applicant’s prominence would interfere with the investigations and influence the witnesses. We alsoRead More