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Monday, February 12th, 2018


UGANDA: Regime sycophant thug Mukwaya orders arrest of Ankore King

Video from Uganda. Copyright NBS. Uganda regime sycophant thug Mukwaya orders arrest of Ankore King. There is an earlier video (Feb 9, 2018) where this Pig is threatening the King and people of Ankore. You can hear her saying she is a Military person and will use the gun to force Ankore to give up their land. She then says “if I were you I would sell the land here and go buy elsewhere”. Like all thugs in Museveni’s dictator regime, this witch does not care that she was beingRead More

UGANDA: Gun wielding bandits take over Entebbe – Kampala Expressway

Ugandans and tourists are being warned to watch out for  *Thugs on Entebbe Expressway*. The following was received from a reliable source who lived this experience over the weekend. Last night, Saturday 10th February, at approximately 11:20pm we were attacked by thugs on the Entebbe Expresssway at a “road block” setup by guys in army uniform holding AK47s. When coming from Entebbe on the expressway, right after you pass the half-completed toll booth there is a bridge over the swamp, the road block was just after the bridge when headingRead More

UGANDA: Regime sycophant Janat Mukwaya orders arrest of Ankore king

Following our revelation last week that meetings were held on February 8, 9 2018 between this so called Paramilitary Bully Minister, it has surfaced today that she has ordered the regime cadre, notorious Chemical Ali (Gen. Kale Kalyekezi) to arrest the King. Tantamount to what is blackmail, violation of Human Rights and abuse of power, we fear that the regime may do a KASESE on Ankore kingdom.  The row is not only over the land the regime DEMANDS to take by force to build another barracks but that the KingRead More

SOUTH SUDAN: Museveni outsmarts US, ensures the war never ends

December 31, 2016 – Sudan Tribune How Uganda outsmarts the United States in South Sudan By Duop Chak Wuol Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the epitome of a Pan-Africanist who can praise any world leader who likes his leadership and is known for threatening Western leaders whenever his strong-man mentality comes under attack. In this article, I argue that Uganda has outsmarted the United States in South Sudan’s civil war in favor of Salva Kiir, leading the international community and the U.S. government in particular, to believe that SouthRead More

RUSSIA: All 71 onboard crashed An-148 confirmed dead

All 71 people aboard a Russian passenger plane were killed when it crashed near Moscow, Russian officials said Sunday. “Sixty-five passengers and six crew members were on board, and all of them died,” Russia’s office of transport investigations said in a statement. Three children were among the victims. The seven-year-old plane disappeared from the radar just minutes after departing from the capital city’s second largest airport, Domodedovo and was falling up to 6,700 meters per minute in the last seconds of the crash, flight-tracking site FlightRadar24 reported. Flightradar24 ✔@flightradar24 SaratovRead More

SOUTH SUDAN: Museveni assures Kiir Uganda will help violate US arms embargo

SUDAN TRIBUNE – The Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Sunday has assured South Sudan President Salva Kiir never be afraid of United States arms restrictions on his country, pledging his government would facilitate delivery of arms defying the weapons ban and other sanctions. “I want to you tell this, and whether you believe it or not, the government will never fail to acquire weapons by any means. What the foreign countries, including the United States of America, are doing is a pursuit of regime change which nobody will entertain evenRead More

TECHNOLOGY: Most important 2018 Tech trends according to top Venture Capitalists

From saving energy to helping humans help machines, this year’s investments will try to help startups make more progress in areas that already matter. BY DANIEL TERDIMAN AND MARK SULLIVAN   FASTCOMPANY.COM – As venture capital investing goes, so go startups and the technologies that those young companies develop. And so asking VCs about the investment areas they think will be hot once the calendar turns to 2018 can tell you a lot about the opportunities that will matter most in Silicon Valley and beyond. For this roundup, we talked to investorsRead More