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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018


TRUMP: State of the Union watch live on Twitter

Watch live on Twitter – TRUMP “State of the Union Address 2018” #SOTU

Court orders Mwenda to pay Kazibwe Shs200M for defamation

CEO.CO.UG – Former vice president Specioza Kazibwe will be Shs200 richer if Mwenda is compelled to pay the damages. Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe prayed for Shs600 million. Judge Stephen Musota awarded her Shs200 million. Andrew Mwenda will pay. And the Independent magazine must delete all ‘libelous’ articles about Dr Kazibwe from its website. That’s the price for an article published by Mwenda’s Independent magazine in April 2010 that Judge Musota, of the Civil Division of the High Court, ruled had defamed Dr Kazibwe and injured her reputation. In the rulingRead More

Kifesi’s Ssobi now Kampala boss mafia killer squad promoted by Museveni

via IFTTT Video from Uganda. Copyright unknown. Ssobi is now boss of Kampala mafia killer squad. Kifesi promoted as BodaBoda2010 gets pudged. Quelle difference? Both are confessed killers of Ugandans but Kifesi is now President Museveni’s man. Kifesi travels with state provided security in state provided vehicles now telling everyone Team Yoweri is here. Team Yoweri is here. One can infer from this that the suffering of Ugandans is just in its infancy.  Many do not understand how Museveni works but they will see soon enough.

TRUMP live State of the Union Address

GMO: Proposed changes to Ugandan Biosafety Act threaten scientists with 10-year jail terms

ALLIANCE FOR SCIENCE – Ugandan plant scientists face severe financial penalties and decade-long jail terms if proposed changes to the recently passed Biosafety Act 2017 are adopted, experts say. The draft changes also would undermine several important crop breeding programs intended to reduce pesticide use and boost food security in the East African country. The Ugandan scientific establishment and its international partners are extremely concerned about the proposed changes to the legislation, which were drafted after Uganda’s President questioned the more moderate, science-based act that Parliament passed in October 2017. A draft of theRead More

VIDEO: Kenyan NASA supporters celebrate BABA Raila swearing in

via IFTTT Video from SPAN. Africans we must learn to stand up against bullies like Museveni. They rig elections and pretend to be democratic. They kill their people in the name of national security instead of individual job security, they imprison their people crying terrorism leaving their terrorist security organs go free. They brutalize their opponents hiding behind business interruptions while they carry on with their corrupt businesses. SPAN

JOBS: 8 things managers are looking for in graduates 2018

GLASSDOOR.COM – Are college students ready for the challenges of the modern workplace? Many employers say no.  A recent survey revealed that only about 50% of managers felt recent graduates were prepared for full-time work. By contrast, 87% of college grads felt they were ready to enter the workforce. These drastically different numbers show that there is a gulf between the expectations of employers and recent graduates. This discrepancy poses challenges for recent grads seeking jobs and for businesses that wish to hire young workers. No matter which group you fall into, knowingRead More