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Tuesday, January 30th, 2018


Oil report for January 30, 2018

OILPRICE.COM –   Hurricane Harvey hit the U.S. in late August, knocking a lot of refining capacity offline. That led to a record level of crude oil exports. –    In October 2017, U.S. oil exports average 1.7 million barrels per day, a record high. That was up from about 0.8 mb/d in August. –    The disruptions led to a wide disparity between WTI and Brent, making U.S. crude very competitive. Much of the increased exports went to Asia and Europe. Market Movers –    Parsley Energy (NYSE: PE) fell by about 4 percent in after hours on Monday afterRead More

Difference between Kenya, Uganda is not only GITHERI, OMENA

UGANDANS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CIVILIAN RULE vs MILITARY RULE NATHAN SPAN – What we witnessed in Kenya, the swearing in of the people’s president as it was put by the man himself Odinga, explains very well the difference between civilian rule and a military government. Civilian governance is what it is, civilians that govern themselves and have respect for human lives. Kenya is ruled by Kenyatta a civilian and therefore his police is headed by a civilian trained police man whereas in Uganda it is the opposite whereRead More

UN: Aftermath of Museveni invasions of DRCongo, South Sudan

International Organization for Migration Appeals for USD 103.7 Million to Provide Lifesaving and Recovery Assistance in South Sudan An estimated 7 million people in South Sudan need relief aid, including 1.9 million internally displaced persons JUBA, South Sudan, January 30, 2018/ — After more than four years of armed conflict – and despite efforts to revive the peace process – humanitarian needs in South Sudan remain immense, as conditions continue to deteriorate. To address these growing needs, IOM South Sudan is appealing for USD 103.7 million in 2018 to provide lifesavingRead More

Social media awash with jokes over Kalonzo absence at #NASAOathDay

DAILY NATION – Kenyans on social media found comedy in what was supposed to be a serious and solemn event when opposition leader Raila Odinga took oath as the ‘people’s president’ Tuesday. Netizens could not help but poke fun at Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, who was supposed to be sworn in as Raila’s deputy but did not show up for the ceremony. Hilarious memes took Twitter by storm as Kenyans tweeted about the day’s events. TRENDING By 5.30pm, the name Kalonzo was top three on trending topics on Twitter,Read More

Saudi Arabia: Foreigners banned from working in 12 jobs

ALIBAWABA – The Saudi Minister of Labor Dr. Ali Al-Ghafees issued a decision on Monday restricting work in 12 activities and occupations to Saudis starting from the beginning of the next Hijri year.  The 12 work areas banned for expats are: watch shops, optical stores, medical equipment stores, electrical and electronics shops, outlets selling car spare part, building material shops, outlets selling all types of carpets, automobile and mobile shops, shops selling home furniture and ready-made office material, sale outlets of ready-made garments, children clothes and men’s supplies, household utensils shopsRead More

Uhuru suspends media, blocks Internet as Raila takes presidency oath

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Kenyan authorities suspended television and radio stations on Tuesday as supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga watched him take a symbolic presidential oath in a Nairobi park in a direct challenge to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Security forces made no move to stop the ceremony, which authorities had said would be illegal, but the government later declared the opposition “National Resistance Movement” a criminal group, paving the way for potential arrests. The movement is a loose grouping led by Odinga and other lawmakers that tried to rally supportRead More

AFRICA: “Collective imbecilisation,” process of rendering a whole society imbecile

After turning all of us into imbeciles, what, pray, will you do with a nation of loonies? It is a sorry state of affairs when we are assailed by advertisements on the FM radio stations and billboards all over town about sangomas (traditional healers) who have a cure for everything, from passing exams, to raising libido and succeeding in business. By JENERALI ULIMWENGU THE EAST AFRICAN – What is not used atrophies, we were told as kids. That humans lost their tails because when they evolved into homo erectus —Read More

Raila swearing in live coverage

Swearing in ceremony of BABA live from Uhuru Park, Nairobi. Raila Odinga anticipated swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru park. What’s you opinion, Do you think the ceremony will be successful? Posted by Pulse Live Kenya on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 Updates via #GlobalNewsBriefing – it is a Ugandan run news group on WhatsApp parallel to #UgandaNewsBriefing and #SoccerChat256 which anyone can join by sending a request to +15068716371. [5:21 AM, 1/30/2018] Wembi: BREAKING NEWS: “A Mutiny is reported within various ranks of the armed forces. The suspicious absence of security forces todayRead More

UN blames Uganda, Kenya for fueling conflict in South Sudan

VOA – A U.N. official has intensified the call for an end to violence in South Sudan, following sustained diplomatic pressure from the African Union on South Sudanese leaders. Adama Dieng is the U.N. secretary-general’s special adviser for the prevention of genocide. He told VOA’s South Sudan in Focus program Monday that Uganda and Kenya are contributing to the conflict. “Although the responsibility is to protect the population in South Sudan, the timely responsibility lies with the South Sudan government; the responsibility to prevent atrocities is regional and international,” DiengRead More

Que pensent les Congolais de la Monusco?

RFI – Le président Joseph Kabila s’est montré très ciritque vendredi 26 janvier face à la mission de l’ONU au Congo, accusée de n’avoir « éradiqué » aucun groupe armé en près de vingt ans de présence en RDC. Il a également dit refuser l’ingérence de l’ONU dans la gestion de son pays. Alors que le mandat de la Monusco, la mission la plus importante au monde par ses budgets et ses effectifs, doit être renouvelé courant mars, que pensent les acteurs congolais de l’utilité de cette mission ? Depuis 2013, le président congolaisRead More