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Monday, January 29th, 2018


AGRICULTURE: Japan creates banana with edible peel

QUARTZ – Most of the world’s bananas are grown in tropical temperatures that consistently hover around 80°F (27°C), but D&T Farms in southern Japan keeps its banana trees at a frigid -76°F (-60°C). Then, the farmers replant the trees in an 80°F environment. The result of the wildly different temperatures is enough to encourage the plants to jolt into a state of rapid growth, producing a banana with a peel that doesn’t entirely mature, making it thin, soft, and sweet enough to eat along with the regular part of the fruit. This bizarreRead More

Netanyahu backs Kagame renaming of genocide as only Tutsi

Rwandan President Paul Kagame, left, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, October 2017.קובי גדעון / לע”מ HAARETZ – Amid Deportation Deal, Israel Backs Rwanda’s UN Move to Rename 1994 Genocide. Foreign Ministry officials say decision was made in light of deal between the two countries over Rwanda accepting African asylum seekers from Israel. Israel on Friday supported a UN resolution sponsored by Rwanda to change the name of the memorial day for the 1994 genocide to focus only on the Tutsi people, even though the United States and theRead More

SOCCER: Sports broadcasting company modern day thuggery!!

ANDREW LUBEGA – When I came up here and said Magogo is a thug and that Ugandan football is now firmly in the hands of bandits some people abused me not until when the World cup ticket thief announced that Sports broadcasting company Limited has now taken over the broadcast rights for the Uganda premier league that some have started believing what I have always said -Lets dig deep into this bogus announcement and sports broadcasting byakozebitya.. 1. The fact that Azam communicated to UPL about their unwillingness to renew theRead More

Sommet de l’Union Africaine: La corruption au centre des discussions

Addis Abéba, ouverture du 30ème sommet de l’Union Africaine : La lutte contre la corruption au centre des discussions Le 30ème sommet examinera également le dossier des réformes institutionnelles et financières de l’UA ADDIS ABEBA, Éthiopie, 29 janvier 2018/ — « Gagner la lutte contre la corruption : un chemin durable vers la transformation de l’Afrique ». C’est le thème du 30ème sommet de l’Union Africaine qui a débuté à Addis Abéba, ce 28 janvier, lequel sera d’ailleurs le thème majeur de l’UA durant cette année 2018. Les travaux, quiRead More

FBI: McCabe succumbs to Trump bullying, resigns as deputy director

THE INDEPENDENT (UK) – The deputy director for the FBI is stepping down from his position with the agency, a week after it was reported that President Donald Trump was lobbying for his ouster. Andrew McCabe, who had been under fire from Republicans in recent months over perceived partisanship and bias, had indicated that he planned on stepping down as recently as December. Mr McCabe will remain on the FBI payroll until mid-March, sources told NBC News, when he will be eligible to retire with full benefits. The movement in the FBI followsRead More

UN Secretary General address to African Union 2018

The Secretary General’s press conference at the African Union Summit ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, January 29, 2018/ — The Secretary General’s press conference at the African Union Summit: Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, thank you very much for your presence. The fact that I am surrounded by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and my new Special Advisor on Africa, who in New York is essentially in charge of the economic and development cooperation of the UN with the African continent, shows that our partnership with theRead More

WORK: Soft skills make the difference

RESOURCEFUL MANAGER – Despite all the hoopla about how tech skills will drive the future, it turns out soft skills, like communicating and coaching, top the list when it comes to being a most valued employee. Even the tech-types are now saying so. Two recent Google studies suggest overlooking soft skills is to your detriment. Top 7 soft skills for success One study found that the key qualities of top employees are: being a good coach communicating and listening well possessing insights into others being supportive of co-workers having empathy toward co-workers beingRead More

WEBSTER word of the day

anthropomorphic Audio pronunciation adjective | an-thruh-puh-MOR-fik Definition 1 : described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes 2 : ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things   Did You Know? Anthropomorphic comes from the Late Latin word anthropomorphus, which itself traces to a Greek term birthed from the roots anthrōp- (meaning “human being”) and -morphos (-morphous). Those ancient Greek roots have given form and personality to many English words. Anthrōp- relatives include anthropic (“relating to human beings or the period of their existence on earth”), anthropocentric (“interpretingRead More

Four ways to add more meaning to your day, life & career

THE LADDERS – The everyday work grind can sometimes feel like, well, a bit of a grind. So, when your enthusiasm flags and every day feels as blah as the one that came before, how can you find ways to add meaning to your day, much less your life or career? Share spaced, shared values Even if your own zest for life seems to be lacking, sharing a work space with people who are on a similar mission might help buoy you up when you’d otherwise be bummed. “Working onRead More

Makerere University call for graduate school applications

The list of graduate degrees being offered for academic year 2018 / 2019 is contained in here. So are the instructions to apply and the tuition fees for Ugandan and EAC students as well as International students. Good luck. I have loaded that on the Internet to make it easier to browse with your kathupuli if you are unable to download it. Although at this point one has to wonder why you would pay up to UGX 5M per year tuition with expenses likely in the neighbourhood of the same.Read More