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Saturday, January 13th, 2018


Welcome to the youngest country in Africa, Republic of Kawempe

United States of Kawempe issues a statement: I read your undated communique concerning the formation of the Republic of Kawempe.  You will agree with all Ugandans that everyone in this country (Uganda) has decided to do what pleases him or her at the expense of the so many suffering Ugandans. For example; the president of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Museveni used over UGX 300 billion to secure for himself LIFE PRESIDENCY (this can create over 10,000 jobs for our people). Members of Parliament (aka MPigs) gave themselves a seven year termRead More

UK firm which set up Uganda’s nuclear, biological weapons program talks

First published by Blackstar News in August 2008. More information continues to emerge about Uganda’s chemical and biological weapons operation–the U.K. expert who provided the training to top Ugandans insists in an exclusive interview with The Black Star News that the East Africans were trained only on “defensive” and not “offensive” capabilities. “There is a big difference between defense and attack—huge difference,” says Ian Day, Operations Director at U.K.-based The CBRN Team Ltd (an acronym referring to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear), who provided the training to the Ugandans. DayRead More

US diplomats scramble to contain world outrage over Trump’s SHITHOLE

CBC / AP – U.S. diplomats scrambled Friday to salvage their nation’s bonds with Africa, Haiti and even the celebrated “special relationship” with Britain after President Donald Trump, in the span of a few hours, deeply offended much of the world with the most undiplomatic of remarks. Trump’s description of African nations as a “shithole” and other inflammatory comments became the latest and perhaps most direct test of whether America’s global partnership can withstand its president’s loose lips. In Washington and far-flung foreign capitals, U.S. officials launched into urgent cleanupRead More

VIDEO: DRCongo rebel group now says will remove Kaguta, Kagame, Kabila

We have just learned that there is a meeting which is going to be held in London UK of the three cannibals. The three vampires. When we speak of the three vampires, we mean Kaguta, Kabila and Kagame. We ask you Rwandese, Congolese and Ugandans who are in UK to refuse to host these dictators. You should not let them come to where you are. Be strong and be energized and refuse to meet them and to attend anything they are coming to do. I ask you truly, be vigilantRead More

Opposition launches Tubalemese campaign

TUBALEMESE campaign against Museveni rape of the Uganda Constitution should be welcomed as value addition to the on-going freedom struggle – General David Sejusa – 11 January 2018 General David Sejusa, the Chairman of Free Uganda (FU), says that the new TUBALEMESE freedom campaign, launched by Dr Kizza Besigye and others, should be welcomed as value addition to the freedom struggle. The General is calling upon those within some opposition quarters, who are pessimistic about the TUBALEMESE campaign, to acknowledge the value addition and avoid branding struggles as useless. “WeRead More

Uganda is a SHITHOLE

By Roy William Mayega Shithole: /ˈʃɪthəʊl/ noun, vulgar slang plural noun: shitholes “An extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place”. Many of the so-called middle income surburbs we boast of fall in this category. Take for instance Kulambiro, Kyanja, Buwate, Najjeera, Kira: Plush manshions sitting in heaps of rubbish. Kulambiro for example is just 13km from the city centre. Resident to State Ministers, Commissioners, Judges, so-called corporates. The 9 km road through this so-called middle income haven is a shit-way: extremely dusty, full of potholes, and occasional mounds of shitRead More

Revisiting Museveni’s plunder of DRCongo and the oil curse

CHANGE OF GUARDS – During his preparation for the journey to the presidency, Uganda’s military dictator Gen. Museveni is said to have visited Eastern Congo’s Tutsi stronghold with the view of “buying guns” but in actual sense he was exploring the possibility of establishing guerrilla war bases.  One and a half decades later, in 1986 his childhood dream of becoming President of Uganda came true and he has held onto power by hook or crook for the last 32 years. Historically, Eastern Congo has always had informal cross border tradeRead More

Oil report for January 12, 2018

Friday, January 12, 2017 Oil prices hit $70 per barrel for the first time in more than three years on Thursday. The last time Brent traded that high, prices were falling off a cliff after the November 2014 OPEC meeting left members producing without restraint, leading to a global glut of supply. The next steps for oil are unclear. Market sentiment is decidedly bullish, but speculators have piled into extremely bullish bets, which exposes the market to a correction if the upward momentum starts to sputter. EIA: U.S. oil production toRead More