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Thursday, January 11th, 2018


X-files From The Village

X-FILES FROM THE VILLAGE Monday When a “child” like Wanyanga freaks out during circumcision, he is called a coward. The marks awarding team gave him 15 out of 100. Yes in circumcision, we have the experts who award marks out of 100. There are people like Welikhe, son of Nguuye who was awarded 110 out of 100. He is believed to be the first of his kind in our village who was circumcised while standing on one leg as a fashion. Thereafter, many tried to copy but Wandeeba when heRead More

Why Ugandans should use social media for their advantage

This is a feel good story and you will understand why I am adamant that Ugandans use social media properly and I will tell you only 3 stories. In 2013, I told some kids that I was going to pay for their university education.  They proceeded to mock me on Social Media and even abuse me.  They knew nothing about me at all and yet felt that they were right to abuse a total stranger offering to pay for their education. Later, at BCU voting for chairman, one of thoseRead More

Latest on California mudslides – 17 dead, 48 missing

CNN – At least 48 people are missing after the mudslides that ravaged Santa Barbara County this week, county spokeswoman Susan Klein-Rothschild said. In addition, 65 homes were totally destroyed and 500 homes have been damaged. Rescuers searched piles of debris for survivors after tons of mud, trees and boulders swept away homes in Southern California this week, killing 17 people. Heavy rains sent rivers of mud tumbling down hillsides Tuesday, demolishing homes in the affluent seaside community of Montecito weeks after a massive fire charred the area last month. In additionRead More

US police raids ambassador Ogwang’s residence in Washington DC and deports him

CHIMPREPORTS – United States authorities have forced Kampala to recall the Minister Counselor at Uganda’s Embassy in Washington, D.C., Mr. Dickson Ogwang over domestic violence. “Amb Ogwang will be returning to Uganda this weekend,” said a highly placed source in the diplomatic community. Officials said U.S. police this past December received an emergency call from Ogwang’s residence in Washington. On arrival, they found Ogwang’s wife “nursing bruises caused by severe beating” by the diplomat. Police would have detained Ogwang. But the diplomat, who had earlier served as Acting Ambassador forRead More

Zimbabwe govt withdraws Grace Mugabe’s state security

HARARE (NEWS24) – The Zimbabwean government has reportedly withdrawn ex-first lady Grace Mugabe’s state security detail, with most aides formally assigned to her being “recalled and reassigned”. According to NewsDay, Grace used to have security agents specifically assigned to her before she was kicked out of the ruling Zanu-PF party where she was the leader of the women’s league. The report said that Grace’s security agents were “withdrawn progressively until Monday”. “She no longer has a team that is dedicated to her,” a source was quoted as saying. “Grace willRead More

Conventional fulltime jobs are vanishing – use social media beneficially

I share this story with particular interest in Uganda. The country has unemployment of up to 95% for graduates and the country itself is likely around 85% unemployment with youth (age 35 or below) making up 75% of the 40.5 million population. Statistics do not lie even if one says there are a thousand ways to skin a wabit.  But what I find interesting is the country has 27 million on the Internet in one way or the other and mostly on Facebook (FB, FBzero, FBlight), WhatsApp and Twitter. GivenRead More

La Suisse interdit la plongée dans l’eau bouillante des homards vivants

LEMONDE – Branle-bas de combat dans les cuisines helvétiques, le gouvernement suisse a interdit, mercredi 10 janvier, la pratique culinaire consistant à plonger les homards vivants dans l’eau bouillante, considérée comme cruelle. Cuisiniers et gastronomes devront désormais étourdir les crustacés au préalable. Les importateurs et les poissonniers devront également améliorer le confort du homard durant son transport et sa détention. Dans le cadre d’une révision des lois relatives à la protection des animaux, le gouvernement fédéral annonce qu’à compter du 1er mars, « la pratique consistant à plonger les homards vivants dans l’eau bouillante, commune dans les restaurants, ne sera plus autorisée ».Read More

Museveni threatens suicide to non NRM voters

KAMPALA (DAILY MONITOR) – President Museveni has said that parliament is like a bus park where everyone comes simply to talk but the actual service delivery and allocation of resources do not take place there thus electing a person who does not belong to the ruling NRM is suicide to electorates. He said this at Ruhaama Sub County playground on Tuesday while campaigning for Mr Moses Kahima, the NRM party candidate in the Ruhaama County by-election. Citing the example of his wife’s 10 years’ tenure in Parliament, Mr Museveni saidRead More

Situation update – Uganda DRCongo refugee influx, 10 January 2018

RELIEFWEB – On 18 December 2017 violence escalated in Ituri and Nord Kivu provinces of north-east Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), causing displacement and an increased refugee influx into Uganda. At least 7,185 refugees have crossed into west and southwest Uganda. Refugees are being relocated to Kyangwali settlement and the Malembo C site in Hoima district, and Kyaka II settlement in Kyegegwa district. Cross-sectoral response must be strengthened as humanitarian resources and capacities are strained due to the increase in arrivals. Anticipated scope and scale Further refugee arrivals are expectedRead More

Youtube cuts ties with vLogger Logan Paul after Japan suicide video

BBC – YouTube has cut business ties with a star of the video-sharing website after he posted a video which showed the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan. Logan Paul’s channels were removed from YouTube’s Google Preferred programme, where brands sell ads on the top 5% of the platform’s content creators. YouTube also said it had put on hold original projects with the US vlogger. Paul posted the video with a man’s body on 31 December, triggering widespread criticism. ‘Pure trash’: Twitter disgust over corpse video The videoRead More