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Tuesday, January 9th, 2018


Oil report for January 9, 2018

benefits. Are you in? –    The U.S. has seen the installation of around 700 megawatts of utility-scale battery storage capacity over the last several years. –    The total is only 0.06% of U.S. utility-scale generating capacity. But the storage market is starting to gain steam. –    As of now, there is another 69 MW of capacity planned for this year. Market Movers –    ONEOK (NYSE: OKE) announced plans to spend $1.4 billion on a new pipeline from the Rocky Mountain region. The 900-mile Elk Creek Pipeline would carry 240,000 bpd of unfractionated NGLs from MontanaRead More

Chinese businessman enters not-guilty plea in alleged Kutesa, Chad leader bribe

NEW YORK CITY (BLACKSTAR NEWS) – A Chinese businessman charged in the U.S. with paying bribes to the leadership of Uganda and offering $2 million to Chad’s president to gain favor in the energy sector for an oil giant, formally entered a not guilty plea in federal district court in New York on Monday. It could take several months before the case goes to trial, if it does, after an anticipated long discovery period between prosecutors and lawyers representing Patrick Ho Chi Ping, the businessman, who remains detained since his November,Read More

Life lessons for educated graduates of EAC from Kenya

Prof. Obere from Maasai Mara University has this to say to students: “Academic excellence is overrated! I said it. Being top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life. You could graduate as the best student in Finance but it doesn’t mean you will make more money than everybody else. The best graduating Law student does not necessarily become the best lawyer. The fact is life requires more than the ability to understand a concept, memorise it and reproduce it in anRead More

North, South Korea agree to resolve issues via dialogue, North to join Olympics

SEOUL (Reuters) – North and South Korea on Tuesday agreed on negotiations to resolve problems and military talks aimed at averting accidental conflict, after their first official dialogue in more than two years, as Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme fuels tension. In a joint statement after the 11-hour talks, the North pledged to send a large delegation to next month’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in the South, but made a ‘strong complaint’ after Seoul proposed talks to denuclearise the Korean peninsula. South Korea asked its neighbour to halt hostile acts that stokeRead More

Uganda future in trouble due to land grabbing

The Future of Uganda is in Danger: Stop Land Grabbing!  8 JANUARY 2018 UGANDA An increase in land grabbing in Uganda has pushed Slow Food to launch a campaign against it After the press conference held today in Mukono (Uganda), Slow Food has officially launched the campaign “Our Future is in Danger: Stop Land Grabbing!” The campaign aims to raise awareness about land grabbing* and its consequences among the population and stimulate political debate at all levels, from civil society to local authorities and Parliament. The campaign will run for several weeks in the first quarter of 2018 inRead More

‘Uganda Knuckles’ overtakes VRChat

POLYGON – “Ugandan Knuckles” has its origins in a nearly year-old joke, but thanks to an easily downloadable character model and the explosive world of VRChat, the problematic meme has been quickly spreading. Ugandan Knuckles didn’t start out as the Ugandan Knuckles meme; the character is inspired by a goofy caricature of the echidna, who first made his appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The weird version of Knuckles made his debut in a Sonic Lost World video review from Gregzilla, a popular YouTuber with more than 120,000 subscribers. Other YouTubers latchedRead More

Financial literacy lessons from Kenya

*DEAD CAPITAL* By BITANGE NDEMO In 1993, I quit my $60,000-a-year job in the United States of America as a Senior Financial Systems Analyst to come home. The 1992 elections had just ended and the country was grappling with hyperinflation as a result of too much money chasing too few goods. It was rumoured that cash had been printed to bribe voters. Central Bank, in an effort to mop up excess liquidity, raised interest rates to 70 per cent. This meant that banks had no motivation to lend to consumersRead More

Fire breaks out in London paint factory

    SPUTNIK – At least 15 fire trucks and more than 90 firefighters descended onto a paint factory in northern London after a massive fire broke out on the premises Monday night. According to local media reports, the factory fire is located in London’s Brent Cross area, specifically at the Staples Junction. The London Fire Brigade (LFB), which has received an estimated 45 calls on the incident, has issued a warning for locals to stay away from the vicinity, as plumes of smoke rise and the fire continues to roar.​ ​Witnesses on the scene have described the blaze as seeing aRead More

Kiir accuses Malong of joining South Sudan opposition

JUBA (VOA) – South Sudan’s government is accusing former military chief of staff Paul Malong of ordering opposition fighters to attack government positions across the country. Government spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny on Monday pointed to audio tapes leaked on social media, alleging that Malong was heard giving orders for fighting that included clashes outside the capital, Juba, last week that violated a cease-fire. The tapes could not be independently verified. Malong’s wife, Lucy Ayak Malek, denies it was her husband speaking. Malong had been one of President Salva Kiir’s closestRead More

Trump cancels protected status for 200,000 El Salvaodor immigrants

New York, USA (Al Jazeera)  – Members of the Salvadoran community in the US have expressed their “devastation” after President Donald Trump’s government said it would stop providing legal status and the ability to work to some 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador. The move, announced on Monday by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), gave Salvadoran holders of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) until September 9, 2019, to leave or find a legal way to stay in the country. The US government had originally granted Salvadorans special protection status after twoRead More