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Monday, January 1st, 2018


Lessons learned from 2017, what must work on in 2018

KAMPALA (KENNETH MUHUMUZA) – Every year, I take on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside my career/work. From reading a new book to making a new friend every day for a year, each of my challenges have served a purpose greater than myself, and each day brings a new lesson to learn. Based on lessons that 365 days of 2017 taught me, I would like to share with you five (5) things that I believe everyone should work on in 2018. 1. Become someone that everybodyRead More

Rwomushana exposes hidden reasons of Museveni invasion of DRCongo

The main story here is by Charles Rwomushana who is a former director of Intelligence for the current regime of President Yoweri Museveni. Rwomushana’s words carry more weight and even perhaps more than what I have personally tagged you all on and shared in the past.  What is even more concerning is that Rwomushana and I have never discussed security matters and we do not work together on anything.  I have my own team of analysts in Uganda who are in the current regime or have been with the currentRead More

WhatsApp resurrects after global outage

(Reuters) – WhatsApp, a popular messaging service owned by Facebook Inc, suffered a global outage for about an hour on Sunday before the problem was fixed.   “WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved”, a WhatsApp spokeswoman said in an emailed statement. The cause of the outage, about an hour long, was not immediately known.   In India, its biggest market with about 200 million of its billion-plus users, the app was down just a few minutes past midnight into the newRead More

How DRCongo lost control of its textile industry to China

The cloth a country was built on. (Quartz/Lynsey Chutel) China in Africa – Quartz Africa – Lubumbashi, DR Congo – Positioning a stand at the entrance to one of Lubumbashi’s largest breweries is part entrepreneurial savvy, part defiance by Mwehu Kashala. Each day he sells mobile phone airtime vouchers under a large umbrella, displaying the disposable vouchers on a rickety table. It’s been his main source of income since he lost his job a decade ago from the textile factory that used to operate from the same large industrial complex that isRead More

China imposes total ban on elephant ivory sales

480kg of ivory for sale in Vietnam – File photo WJC IBTIMES – China, the world’s largest consumer of ivory, has now imposed a blanket ban on the sale of elephant ivory and its products from 31 December to make good on its earlier promise towards protecting the lives of endangered animals. In what has been hailed as a major push towards combatting the poaching of African elephants, the ban comes into effect in the largest ivory market in the world. “The Chinese authorities will continue to clamp down onRead More

Top quotes to ring in your New Year courtesy of @IBTimes

Top Inspirational quotes for New Year 1. “From New Year’s on the outlook brightens; good humor lost in a mood of failure returns. I resolve to stop complaining.” — Leonard Bernstein, American conductor, composer and author 2. “New Year’s Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” — Mark Twain, American author and humorist 3. “As we count down to the New Year, we get to reflect and prepare for what’s ahead. For allRead More

Do I make myself clear?: Why writing well matters by Harold Evans

AMAZON BOOK Review “Sir Harold Evans’ memoir-cum-craft manual in which he rollicks – with all the joy and adventurousness of a rock ‘n’ roll tell-all…Of the truly silly number of hours I’ve spent with my nose in the binding of books on the craft of writing, those I spent with Do I Make Myself Clear? were the only I spent smiling, in search of someone I could read aloud to.”―NPR “Mr. Evans’s skills are on display on nearly every page of “Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing Well Matters.”Read More

Ugandans defy Museveni order to watch his 2018 New Year Message lies

#UgandaNewsBriefing #Dictator #Museveni lies were shared this WhatsApp group.  This is what I posted on Facebook and kept updating until the members of the forum decided to go clubbing for their President Yoweri Museveni was talking for 4hrs.  A whole 4hrs.  Ugandans are bakoowu! Likely, all the media in Uganda who get paid to sing praises of the failed State will publish glorious things.  However for clarity, below is exactly what was put on Facebook for Ugandans and the world entire.  Museveni is a liar.  Those who think otherwise, willRead More