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Sunday, December 17th, 2017


Brexit date to be pushed back to avoid humiliation for Theresa

LONDON UK (IB TIMES) – Theresa May is reportedly preparing to renege on a pledge to leave the European Union on 29 March in order to reach a compromise with Remain MPs. The government was defeated in a Commons vote last week when MPs backed an amendment to allow them a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal. Tory Remainers including Dominic Grieve, Kenneth Clarke and Anna Soubry rebelled, which led to the government losing by 309 votes to 305. In order to avert a second embrassment at the hands ofRead More

Why I will never become Catholic: bishop blasts advocates of women rights

CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP DR.ODAMA BLASTS ADVOCATES OF FEMALE PRIESTS Archbishop Dr. John Baptist Odama “The Catholic church gets priests from men. There should be no more debate over the subject of female aspiring to be priests also. Jesus Christ was a man. If Christ wanted female priests, he would have ordained his mother, Mary, first, but he did not do that.”  “I am becoming increasingly convinced that the inequality of women becoming priests is becoming a major issue and a major challenge facing the Catholic Church.” AMURU-UGANDA (BLACKSTAR NEWS): The Archbishop ofRead More

VIDEO: Religious leaders denounce Museveni life presidency

Ugandan church leaders join the majority of the East African country’s population in rejecting President Museveni’s Life Presidency Project. A Free Uganda (FU) situation analysis. Issued by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 16/12/2017. The Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni, 73, who has ruled Uganda for over 30 years, together with his fanatical band of NRM loyalists in the Ugandan parliament, remains hell bent on dishonouring the country’s constitution by lifting Article 102 (b), in order to enable him to continue ruling the countryRead More

Complexity of fresh Museveni / Kagame fall out

THE COMPLEXITY OF THE FRESH MUSEVENI/KAGAME FALL OUT The two military dictators are reigning over the two countries that have deep rooted historical ties.  Apart from the Banyarwanda immigrants of the early last century, the early 1960s witnessed Banyarwanda flock refugees into Uganda. Museveni and Kagame belong to the former and later categories respectively.  Both the immigrant and refugee Banyarwanda played a key role in shaping of the post independence Uganda politics. In the search for an opportunity to forcefully regain their lost power in Rwanda, the Banyarwanda lost no opportunityRead More