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Friday, December 1st, 2017


What if Mugabe’s son had been commander of elite presidential guard unit???

African dictators rely on the security forces as their strategic power base.  While most of them out rightly preside over a military dictatorship, some of them more especially the educated pretend to run a civilian government with a semblance of rule of law while in the background they also run a parallel military government.  To ensure that the security forces do not push them out of power, some leaders place the military on top of the economic life of their respective countries in return for personal loyalty. Some other leadersRead More

Oil report for December 1, 2017

OPEC followed through on its promise, extending the production cuts through the end of 2018, bringing relief to an oil market that had grown jittery in recent days. Oil prices traded in a relatively narrow range after the meeting and appeared muted. But once concerns over a selloff calmed, oil prices rallied once again on Friday morning. OPEC deal extended through 2018. The deal will run from January through to December, and the exact volumes of the production cuts will be the same as this year. The OPEC/non-OPEC coalition said that they would monitor marketRead More

Jingle all the Way; December is Here

Jingle all the Way; December is Here The month of December is finally here. This month has become one of the months I detest and never look forward to. As I sail through October then land into November, I normally say a small prayer to myself hoping that we can skip it and land into February or March. It may be due to the festivities and the nagging sound of jingle bells wherever I pass. If it finds you in Kampala, you may think that Buganda has finally been grantedRead More


POLITICAL GOODWILL PRINCIPLES. Most Ugandans only understand goodwill regarding to Business world but Goodwill falls with equal force to the political world. Political Goodwill is referred to as a good reputation enjoyed by a politician because of the trust and influence s/he has with the public and other public figures that s/he can in turn use to mobilise the voting public. Political goodwill is mainly accumulated through experience, seniority and serving in leadership positions while working for the population which looks up to you. Most Ugandan politicians have got allRead More

Why Gen. Muntu is not one of the moles in FDC

I have sufficiently discussed the so called ‘moles’ in FDC in the past and that is why I have been reluctant to comment on the ongoing debate about Gen. Mungu and the FDC ‘moles’. However, let me say this; it is a fact that the Museveni regime spies on opposition political parties using both human (moles) and technical means (hacking, electronic intercepts, etc.).  The regime’s actions are driven by the urge to gather classified information pertaining to the opposition plans, source of financial and logistical resources, and how best theRead More