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Saturday, September 9th, 2017


Spoofing – Uganda activists beware

There are applications you can buy and install which allow to spoof call, spoof text and spoof email. There are also applications you can buy that can camouflage voices.  For example your voice could be used to leave a message for someone as if you are the one leaving it and this one also can change your voice from man to woman and vice versa. The above applications are all free.  If you use Google, you will locate the free ones. Your phone can and will be used to locateRead More

Ugandans are making up exams for our kids for national exams

BY THE TIME OUR KIDS GO TO SCHOOL, HISTORY EXAMS WILL HAVE QUESTIONS LIKE: 1. Discuss the rise and fall of Andrew Mwenda between 2000 and 2015 ? 2. Why did NRM transfer its headquarters from Kampala to Kyakwanzi ? 3. Discuss the trek of NRM poor youth of 2014 ? 4. Discuss the cause of the Uganda eclipse of November 2013 ? 5. Write short notes about the following: a).Sejjusa David b).Tamale Mirundi c).Rebecca Kaddaga d).Kansiime Anne 6. Explain the problems faced by Chinese coolies during the construction ofRead More

Justice must never be exclusive – Trump MuslimBan

In January 2017 (could have been February 2017) right after the USA President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning Muslims from travelling to America, I wrote a few stories.  You can find them on my blog. What I remember vividly was saying that if you give a bully one foot, they will move a mile.  If you allowed people to be banned from 7 Muslim countries, none of whose citizens were involved in the 911 attack, the worst was yet to come. I wrote to Prime Minister Justin TrudeauRead More

Why media silence on troubling things?

Daily, we find people all over the Internet and Social Media complaining about how journalists and media houses do not cover things which are crucial to their countries or regions or politics. Yes, it is lamentable and it should be condemned or else, we should all contact those media houses and ask their editors why they are not covering the things which affect us. Media works on the following key things: 1) Is is it urgent? 2) What is the proximity? 3) Who else is running the story? 4) HowRead More