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Thursday, September 7th, 2017


World laughs at Uganda now for buying a porn machine!

Truly, there is no way in hell I was born in Uganda.  It is public knowledge that I was adopted.  It would make no sense at all to tell my friends that I was born and raised in Uganda. To give you an idea of how efficient Uganda works, they said it would take them 3 days to turn off all none registered SimCards.  I can do it half asleep in maybe 5 minutes. Then they buy a porn machine.  Who even does that?  Will it be installed on theRead More

How to be the perfect parent in Canada

First day at school after summer break. I even thought a hurricane had hit the house. “Where are my socks?  My shoes are dirty. I have gymn first period. I am in grade 11 so all has to be perfect.  What are you packing for me for lunch and snack? I am so nervouse. I do not think I should drive. Who has my head phones? OMG…this so totally sucks.  My shoes. I should not wear heels. I have gymn..does anyone even listen to me?  Non, skip coffee, I willRead More