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Tuesday, August 29th, 2017


Uganda women are being killed daily and no one cares!

During Gen. Iddi Amin’s reign, all global media houses kept announcing to the world that Amin was killing people in Uganda. During Dr. Milton Obote’s 2 regimes, the same media houses announced how Obote was killing people. Now, during President Yoweri Museveni’s regime, genocides are committed in Uganda and neighbouring countries and all these media houses keep praising Uganda for welcoming refugees and even go as far as promoting raising funds for Uganda for the refugees.  These rif rafs would not even be in Uganda if UK, US, EU andRead More

VIDEO: Homelessness and why we should all watch @zammit_marc upcoming film on it

No one chooses to be homeless.  We all prefer a warm home and North America is not gentle on homelessness. When I was aged 39 years, I had a stroke and spent a lot of time in hospitals in Toronto and then got air ambulanced back to the province of New Brunswick. I had small kids and to wake up from the medically induced coma, I was lost for words because my kids needed their mother. There was a support system around me via my employer and my Parish ofRead More

Bitter realities of life

My house is about to be locked on the 30th of this month just because I was not able to raise rent. I post it on Facebook seeking help, I get 2 likes & zero comments. So, l send 100 messages to my contact list requesting for a loan of shs. 350K.  Sadly only 10 people reply.  6 out of the 10 are claiming they can’t help. The 4 who can help tell me to wait till they go to the bank the next day.  1 of the 3 sendsRead More

NRM youth paid a soda, sh.5,000 to demo for age limit removal

Hundreds of the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters in Kabale district took to the streets yesterday to stage another demonstration to agitate for the removal of the presidential age limit. Led by Edison Turyahabwa, the NRM publicity secretary for Kabale district and Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha the Kabale district NRM youth league chairperson, the demonstrators carried placards with some of them bearing words like; ‘Kick Age Limit out of the Constitution (KALOC)’. Others had; ‘Below 35 years for Presidency Above 75 years for Presidency, and ‘Kabale Taxi drivers supportRead More