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Thursday, May 25th, 2017


Senegal launches its own digital currency

The IMF believes that the economy of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), which covers most of Francophone West Africa, remains strong but exhibits increased vulnerabilities. Senegal is embarking on an interesting experiment that could either provide big opportunities or great competition for the nation’s banks. In December, it became only the second country in the world, after Tunisia, to launch a national digital currency. It will have the same value as the CFA franc and can be stored in all mobile money and e-money wallets. Given current optimismRead More

Turkey to help Somalia rebuild its infrastructure

Turkey has been helping to heal the wounds of the people of Somalia for years, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on humanitarian aid, infrastructure projects, schools, hospitals and in every other possible way. Turkey’s Ambassador to Somalia Olgan Bekar talked to Daily Sabah during an exclusive interview about Ankara’s projects and future plans for Somalia and the current atmosphere in the country. The ambassador, who has been in office in the Somali capital Mogadishu since October 2014, explained the reason behind Turkey’s presence and wide-ranging activities in the country.Read More

Uganda govt agencies trade blame over the Sim Card Registration mess

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) yesterday issued a directive to telecom companies to reactivate SIM cards whose services had been suspended after a government directive to switch them off on May 19 but the whole SIM card registration exercise remained laced with controversies. The directive which came more than 24 hours after President Museveni’s order UCC to give Ugandans more time to register, followed a meeting between UCC and telecom officials on Wednesday morning. In the same meeting, telecom companies were also directed to only register new subscribers using “Ugandan NationalRead More

South Sudan toys with ceasefire as hunger spreads

SPLM-N meets American delegation in Tanzania A delegation of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), a rebel group that has been fighting against the Khartoum government since 201, held a meeting with an American delegation in Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, a rebel official said. In a statement on Tuesday, SPLM spokesman on peace talks Mubarak Ardol, said the meeting discussed the humanitarian situation in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions as well as a cessation of hostilities. He pointed out that his group maintained its positionRead More

VIDEO: How Museveni blackmailed Gen. Ssejusa to return from exile

Around mid 2013, Gen. Ssejusa sought asylum in the UK. He attempted to rally Ugandan exiles in the diaspora against the Museveni regime by founding Free Uganda Front (FUF).  He issued several stinging public statements against the Museveni regime.  He also made a number of revelations implicating the Museveni regime in a number of past incidents of controversial deaths of national leaders. His dissident activities threatened to tear apart the internal cohesion of Museveni’s security forces. Museveni then hatched a scheme that would portray Gen. Ssejusa as a war crimesRead More

Kenya pays 3 times price for South Africa maize; enriching tycoons

Kenya is paying nearly three times the current price of maize in South Africa, pointing to huge margins for traders but huge costs to the taxpayer. The removal of duty on imported maize only helped to compound the profits raked in by the few wealthy traders who have the financial muscle to engage in large-scale imports. Yesterday’s average selling prices in South African markets were about Sh14,000 (SA Rand 1,750) per ton, or Sh1,360 per 90kg bag of white maize, market data at closing indicated. An ongoing State-funded subsidy planRead More

Museveni’s brother warns about Cambodia elections

Cambodia PM repeats warning of war if opposition wins vote. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday reiterated a warning that war could break out in the Southeast Asian country if his ruling party loses local elections next month and a general election next year. Local elections set for June 4 could be a springboard for the general election, which is seen as the biggest challenge Hun Sen’s ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has faced in nearly four decades. In a three-hour speech to Cambodia’s Christian community in Phnom Penh,Read More

Museveni rewarded Kayihura for assassinations, torture and increasing crime

Ugandans need to understand that the goal of President Yoweri Museveni and his National Robbers’ Movement (NRM) is to inflict fear in the masses.  Most killings and crime are state orchestrated to fool Ugandans into thinking that only the regime can protect you. All the kidnappings, tortures, disappearances, murders, high profile assassinations.  It will get worse.  You can bet on it. Then of course, the severe well planned impoverishment to turn you all into beggars so you can easily be sold into slavery or get so desperate for a mealRead More

Landmine kills 5 Kenya police officers

Five Kenyan police officers died on Thursday morning after their vehicle ran over a landmine on the Malelei-Kulan road in Liboi, near the Somali border. “The five police officers killed in the attack were headed to boost the ongoing operation in Liboi,” said North Eastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Ali Saleh. Mr Saleh later told reporters that police had arrested several suspects and were following numerous leads to individuals behind the resurgence of landmine attacks in the region. He said they had send contingents of security officers to pursue the assailants.Read More

Car & General exits Tanzania poultry business

TANZANIA – Car & General has announced plans to exit the poultry business in Tanzania which has partly contributed to the company’s loss of Sh37 million in the first six months that ended on 31 March 2017. According to CapitalBusiness, the firm’s Board says the Moshi-based Kibo Poultry – one of the oldest chicken broiler farms in the region – has continued to perform poorly resulting in the decision to exit the business in due course. “In Tanzania, the economy is extremely challenging given current government reforms. We maintain strongRead More