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Tuesday, April 18th, 2017


Rwakakamba resigns from working for Museveni

Ugandans can be very vindictibe.  I have not agreed with Mr. Morrisson Rwakakamba in the past.  In fact I have never agreed with him for propping up a despot. For NRM Poor Youth to claim that Rwakakamba was forced to resign is to say that all who work for President Yoweri Museveni are idiots and choose to kneel and beg for one meal a day or MBs. Museveni sent Rwakakamba to Harvard for a PhD paid by you all and the gentleman just finished his studies. If you do notRead More

Morgan Heritage releases “we are” featuring Uganda Kabaka

In a recent series of firsts and historical moments, the Grammy winning Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage thrilled fans and music lovers from Asia to Africa on the Avrakedabra World Tour 2017. The worldwide tour is only befitting as the untraditional creation of the Avrakedabra album with recording sessions took place across 4 different continents highlighting the groups effort of taking Reggae music to the 4 corners of the Earth. The magical Avrakedabra journey launched in Dubai, where Morgan Heritage performed for the first time. It was a longRead More

Kayihura must stop arresting people randomly for Kaweesi murder

This is going to be a long read but it includes articles previously shared.  We do not want any more innocent people being arrested, kidnapped and tortured or being incriminated for this assassination when IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura knows very well who killed Kaweesi.  OR DOES HE? When President Yoweri Museveni stood for the requiem of the late AIP Felix Andrew Kaweesi and said that police had been infiltrated by criminal elements few paid attention. As much as I point out the ills of Museveni, I also point out theRead More

Racism is taught but love is born with us

There is a story behind the picture I shared this morning. One time as part of the school community work I had to help a teacher of kindergarten kids in Nanaimo BC.  Nanaimo is a small city up the Vancouver Island and about an hour drive from Victoria. I ended up with these 5yr olds and was trying to teach this cute blonde blue eyed kid to colour within the lines. The little boy threw a tantrum saying I must not touch his hand. The teacher explained to me thatRead More

Uganda Sim Card registration halted by court order

The incompetence of the Telecom providers or the idiocy of UCC (Uganda Communications Corporation) should never have been an urgency for Ugandans. The Minister of ICT, Frank Tumwebaze and the director of UCC apparently did not know the laws around Telecommunications in Uganda. These two gentlemen assumed that Ugandans would all panic and rush to register their Sim Cards which most have already done in the past but the Telcos lost the information and then give 7 days for registration or phone cut offs as if the real criminals wouldRead More

Eat the army worms and stop crying for your maize

This is just a matter of thinking outside the box. President Yoweri Museveni said that Hunger is good.  It will wake up Ugandans. He is also on record for saying those who are hungry must understand that every meal is them eating a kilometer of a road. Now some of you cry about crop destruction when you can eat the worms and your beautiful roads which some of us from Eastern Uganda have never enjoyed with Tirinyi Road caving today. You claim that drought is bad but he showed youRead More

Former Wells Fargo VP sues bank for being fired after refusal to scam customers

Wells Fargo was sued for $185 million last year related to some of its employees setting up as many as 2 million bogus accounts on behalf of clients, to raise fees. (Jeff Chiu/Associated Press) A New Jersey woman has sued Wells Fargo Bank, saying she was fired for refusing to participate in a scheme to manipulate accounts and sell products that weren’t in customers’ best interest. Melinda Bini filed a lawsuit in state court in New Jersey on April 5 against the bank and three supervisors from the branch sheRead More

UK AG tries to block Blair trial over Iraq war

The former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is in the spotlight once again – this time it comes in the form of UK Attorney General, who has stated in a report that he will try and stop the former PM from facing prosecution over his role in the Iraq war. A report, proposed by Jeremy Wright QC states that Blair should have immunity over his role in the Iraq war. In 2015, campaigners called for Tony Blair to face court over war crimes due to his involvement in Iraq. UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Tony Blair shouldRead More

Moncton has jobs it cannot fill, looking for immigrants

Moncton has peddled its low cost-of-living and maritime charm to prospective employees before, but in the days after the U.S. election the New Brunswick city took its pitch to a new audience — Americans. At the centre of the pitch to would-be workers, an ad portraying the fictional Uncle Sam with a Canadian flag in the background. The caption below: “Greater Moncton, New Brunswick, Wants You!” New Brunswick, on the whole, has seen a decline in population in recent years. But the Moncton area is growing and recently surpassed Saint JohnRead More

Hundreds of British troops just got sent to South Sudan

FILE PHOTO: British soldiers jump out of a helicopter © Damir Sagolj / Reuters   Three hundred UK troops and millions of pounds in foreign aid will be poured into South Sudan as famine grips the world’s newest country. Operating as part of a UN mission, defense chiefs say the troops will help to stem the flow of migrants and provide humanitarian support. They will operate from two military bases to fulfill their east African mission. Man-made famine in South Sudan & UN vs NATO (E457) There are already 100Read More