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Sunday, April 16th, 2017


Rebels claim defeating South Sudan army in key areas

South Sudanese rebels allied to the ex-first vice president Riek Machar have claimed they repulse multiple attacks by the government forces in Western Bhar el Ghazal and Upper Niles regions. Brigadier William Gatjiath Deng, rebel spokesperson says attacks by the government on their positions have forced them to retaliate and capture Raja, in Western Bhar el Ghazal on Friday. In a statement released on Friday, he said clashes have left thirty-four (34) dead from the government side, adding their fighters captured six soldiers alive. “The regime in Juba also lostRead More

Erdogan declares victory as opposition vow to recount

Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan Declares Victory in Referendum to Expand Presidential Powers.  Voter-fraud allegations mar outcome, which is likely to further polarize key ally in fight against Islamic State. Turkish voters narrowly passed a controversial referendum that will concentrate more power in the office of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a tight race marred by allegations of unfair campaigning and voter fraud, according to preliminary results reported by state media. Mr. Erdogan declared victory during phone calls to congratulate his allies in the ruling party and an allied nationalist party,Read More

National Forest Authority wants sh.32.5B to restore forests

Presenting their budgetary requirements for priority activities towards sustainable management of Central Research Forest to the committee of Parliament on natural resources, NFA executive director Michael Mugisa said that the authority needs special financing to handle four critical areas to address environmental degradation. The areas are; increasing involvement of the population in tree planting, restoring degraded natural forests in forest reserves, re-surveying and demarcation of CRF boundaries and forest plantation development. The NFA team was led by Mary Goretti Kitutu, the state minister for environment. Mugisa and his team facedRead More

Garbage dump landslide buries 100+ in Sri Lanka

Hopes faded on Sunday for the survival of an estimated 100 people trapped under the mud and debris of a landslide at a giant rubbish dump in the Sri Lankan capital. Police say the known death toll from the disaster has risen to 26 and emergency workers are to resume their search on Monday after halting late on Sunday night. The 300-foot-high (90-metre) dump in the Meethotamulla area on the border of the commercial heart of Colombo collapsed after flames engulfed it late on Friday, the nation’s new year’s day,Read More

Tshibala : quand Kabila pose comme préalable le critère de compétence

Faire partie d’un exécutif en RDC est devenu un souci quotidien dont plusieurs ne trouvent plus le besoin de s’en justifier. Il est devenu presque vital au point… Faire partie d’un exécutif en RDC est devenu un souci quotidien dont plusieurs ne trouvent plus le besoin de s’en justifier. Il est devenu presque vital au point de faire adopter des positions politiques à l’extrême. Dans le microcosme politique congolais, point n’est besoin d’étaler les raisons profondes de ce qui paraît plus comme un mal dont les remèdes successifs ont, semble-t-il,Read More

“Kabila n’est plus une partie du problème, il est le problème”

Le 8 juin 2016, Olivier Kamitatu assistait à Genval en Belgique à une réunion entre plusieurs membres de l’opposition de République Démocratique du CongoTHIERRY CHARLIER / AFP Ancien ministre de Joseph Kabila, Olivier Kamitatu a rejoint l’opposition en 2015. De passage à Paris, il livre son analyse sur la situation politique en République Démocratique du Congo Où en est la situation politique en République démocratique du Congo ? Tout le monde sait que le 19 décembre 2016 a marqué le terme du second mandat du Président de la République. Tout le monde saitRead More

Tanzanian markets react to economic change

Tanzania is once again showing that radical economic transformation is not as wishy-washy as we might be making the concept seem in our current political tension, writes Victor Kgomoeswana. This past week, President John Magufuli did what most African leaders ought to do to make radical economic transformation a reality, something all African countries should have been doing for ages. The man nicknamed The Bulldozer has reportedly unnerved the markets with his ban on copper and gold concentrates. A report in The East African links the announcement by the head ofRead More

UCC run by a bunch of harebrained village goats

1. Foreign nationals working in Uganda or on extended sojourns here beyond the 20th of April. 2. Foreign nationals working in Uganda or on extended sojourns here who obtained citizenship after the conclusion of the registration exercise. 3. Ugandans who were about 16 years old at the conclusion of the registration exercise nearly two years ago. 4. Ugandans who are below 18 years old as of 13th April but own phones and other communication devices that use SIM cards. 5. Eligible Ugandans who were living or working abroad during theRead More

Blow to Uganda as Rift Valley Railway investor pulls out

Uncertainty surrounding the future of the Kenya-Uganda Railway concession has claimed its first casualty, with a private equity firm pulling out of a deal to acquire the operator Rift Valley Railways from Qalaa Holdings of Egypt. The decision by Emerging Capital Partners to disown talks that had been confirmed as ongoing by, among others, the Kenyan regulator of the line got a quick response from RVR, which said it would seek answers from its shareholders (Qalaa) on what was going on. “ECP is not currently in discussions with Rift ValleyRead More

Zimbabwe Air gets grounded

STRUGGLING national flag carrier Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) has lurched into a new crisis after all of its five aircraft were grounded on Tuesday due to technical problems, forcing the airline to hire a plane from neighbouring South Africa in a desperate effort to fulfill some of its flight schedules, it has been established. AirZim, which at Independence in 1980 boasted a fleet of 18 planes, is technically insolvent and operating at less than a third of that capacity. The airline is reeling under a debt in excess of US$330 millionRead More