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UGANDA: Museveni regime bans blood donation

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Despite there being a severe shortage of blood in Uganda, the USA funded blood handling agency has conspired with the dictator regime of President Yoweri Museveni to ban opposition members from donating blood.  AND this is not because the regime sycophants donate blood. They do not. Because they fly their relatives to expensive hospitals abroad and do not care what happens to the masses in Uganda.

It is truly shocking to see Ambassador Debrah Malac and her fellow diplomats who wine and dine with Museveni watch such injustice be netted out on Ugandans. History will judge you all very harshly and you will never say we did not tell you.  But to even imagine that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hobnobs with Museveni!  Witchcraft is real.

I include a cry out from someone who went to donate blood today and the whole exercise was blocked. The last time (last month) when we read about the blood shortage, a country with the population of 40.5M people had only 100 units of blood left. People in Western Uganda have even resorted to drinking raw blood from guinea pigs to “cure” sickle cell anemia.

The guinea pig blood drinking ought to even worry WHO. Did we not read the other day about CCHF (Black Plague) breaking out in Western Uganda?  And some other virus in Eastern Uganda. Pockets of severe poverty.  Yet the donors like USA and Canada (where I live) will keep sending money to the killer regime to waste on treating VIPs in Europe and India while the poor suckers die of the Black Plague.

“When the war is over, we will not remember our enemies.  We will remember our friends who said nothing”.

RONALD MUHINDA – Kayihura Police and Uganda Blood Transfusion Service (UBTS) conspire to block blood donation exercise at FDC HQ.

It’s not only that but Banyankole state operatives who have chosen to conspire to see vulnerable citizens die due to blood shortage.

In three separate meetings held between FDC youths and UBTS officials Mugisha William (Program officer) and Mukundane (PRO) at UBTS boardroom in Nakasero, there was consensus that UBTS will collect blood at FDC offices on 14/02/2018. Mugisha and Mukundane confirmed they were reporting directly to UBTS Director Dorothy Byabazaire. At every stage, there was a munyankole to make decision.

They only asked FDC to provide lunch for UBTS staff, Public Address System and refreshments for blood donors. UBTS provided to FDC posters with a date on which they will collect blood.

Today, people assembled at FDC HQ with RED ROSES to donate blood but police had surrounded FDC offices. After waiting for hours, organizers started calling Blood Bank officials who kept saying they are coming until they didn’t show up.

Officials at Blood Bank intimated that Museveni through state House officials had issued orders that they will not entertain “that no sense of FDC donating blood” to Uganda. An order was passed on to Kayihura who ordered for deployment. They don’t care whether there is blood or not in the country; they don’t care whether people die or not.

Truth is Museveni and his entire militia cabinet, security apparatus and staff in state house, none can donate blood. Apart from their blood being contaminated, they have so much hate against Ugandans that they don’t care how their lives end.

Museveni cannot donate blood, none of his family members can donate blood, Kayihura cannot donate blood, his Minister of Health Jane Ruth Acheng can not donate blood and not even his PS Diana Atwiine. His Vice President cannot donate blood and not even his Prime Minister or deputies. But why block people who are willing to donate blood to save Ugandans? Why? Why this hate against Ugandans? What did Ugandans do to you to deserve this hate? Tell us what we did so that we apologize to save this nation!

We are often told FDC is against Museveni but certainly FDC is not anti Ugandans. No. FDC wishes to have One Uganda for One People. That is why I believe in it. I last donated blood in 1999 but an accident in 2000 forced me to make considerations about blood donation. FDC called me and I responded. I was willing to donate blood.

Even when most people believe the same individuals who captured the nation sell freely acquired blood, they were willing to donate.

I hope now that you have successfully failed the exercise, never again will you ever have blood shortage.

I guarantee you that the God will believe in, unlike the Satan you honour and praise, is the most Almighty. You will die through the same pain you have subjected Ugandans. And all of you, you will die in pain.

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